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Welcome to The Canova Family Homepage

There are Canova's found in both Spain and Italy as well as throughout the United States. The Canova's of St. Augusine  Florida; USA, are descended from Antonio Juan Magi Canova who was born 3-Feb-1755 in Alayor, Baleares, Spain--on the island of Menorca. His family name was Canovas (with an 's') which was changed to Canova here in the New World.

As a fifth great-grandson of Antonio with an interest in family unity and communication, genealogy,  computer programming, and the Internet, I've dedicated this web-site to these goals.

As a Canova I am proud of my Spanish heritage, but my mother was a McLatchie (Ireland), my father's mother was a Gould (England), my grandfather's mother was a Green (Ireland).  So all  the family are welcome here, where-ever you are or what-ever your name.

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